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Our Values

We understand the complexities of payments, and are here to help. Our heart is to educate, and not to take advantage of. We have seen the underbelly of payments, and it is not all pretty. We are an independent option here to give you the best overview of your options, with fair and accurate pricing. 


People First

We understand it is all about the customer experience for you, and for us so we aim to do our best each and every time. 

Quality of work

The goal is accuracy and uptime, and we do our best to ensure you have the best solution working for you all the time!


We are here to help, even if that best option is with someone else. 


Backed by almost twenty years of experience, and a team of support specialists we are here for you. 


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Client love

aka testimonials

“several years and we couldn’t be happier”

Jane Austin

CEO, Founder

“We were lost without Munee. They came in and gave us a full overview of what was out there, and then guided us toward the best fit for where we were, and where we were headed.”

David Johnson

CEO, Founder