Offering a full suite of payment options to suit your business regardless of type, medium, size and presence.


Chipper™ BT provides a superior chip reading platform with end-to-end data encryption technology, for easy and secure mobile payments anytime, anywhere.


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Field Services

Take payments in the field with our PCI secure app technology and a reader or key in transactions for peace of mind and compliance.


You now have the of flexibility to add a surcharge when a credit card is used. Our point-of-sale technology automatically passes credit card processing fees onto the customer, making it seamless. This lets you offset some or all of your processing fees.


Stand alone terminal, smart terminal and peripheral devices to suit your ideal setup, counterspace and needs.


A web-based virtual terminal allows small business owners to collect credit and debit card payments directly on a computer or tablet through a hosted pay page, integrated shopping cart and basic VT.


Not all payments partners are created equal, some offer proprietary options, but we can partner with some, like quickbooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise or Accountant), it just takes a bit of a look and see approach.

Level 2, & 3

Level 3 processing is utilized in B2B and B2G transactions to help secure lower interchange rates and monitor spending. It involves the input of additional data through extra line-item details on transactions for both the business and their consumers.

Level 2 credit card processing is similar to Level 3 processing, but with less requirements. Just like with Level 3 data, merchants are required to input additional data fields – but typically, the required fields are easier to enter and there are fewer fields to deal with. Level 2 processing still provides a rate reduction, but not quite as much as level 3 processing.

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